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Our Water Quality Sampling:

TCWP sample map + WID boundary - 2018

The map above shows sites where we collect water samples every month for analysis by Whatcom County’s pollution, identification & correction (PIC) program. Sample results & analysis appear in a monthly report from the PIC program, specific to the Tenmile watershed. That report can be downloaded from our Meeting Notes page here.

With separate private funding, we also collect ‘Source ID’ samples (i.e. as-needed) on private land (with  the owner’s consent; results remain confidential.) This increases how much we can learn about water pollution sources, and allows us to work directly with landowners on improvements. 

Sampling for fecal coliform
We use established protocols & certified laboratories to analyze for fecal coliform bacteria, which is used to indicate the  possible presence of fecal matter from warm-blooded animals. Fecal matter in water can contain organisms that cause cholera typhoid, dysentery & hepatitis A.

Sources of fecal coliform bacteria in surface waters can include fecal matter from wildlife, failing or improperly installed septic systems, livestock, and pets. Identifying specific sources is challenging and time-consuming work.