Our Suspension of Activities

It is likely no surprise to anyone that beginning this month our activities have been severely limited by the coronavirus epidemic and our community’s appropriate  response. This blog post is simply to acknowledge that, and provide some details about what it means for us, at least through the summer.

Here’s what continues:

  • Thanks to a few dedicated volunteers, we hope to continue collecting monthly water quality samples for the Whatcom County PIC program, when and if that is organized each month.
  • Our steering committee will continue gathering by teleconference each month on our regular schedule to stay connected, monitor events as they develop and continue our conversation about future options.

Here’s what is cancelled or suspended:

  • Cancelled: our planned membership meeting May 13.
  • Suspended: our internal water quality sample program; public outreach activities in any form, including tabling events, blog posts and membership emails; any and all plans for new activities.

We look forward to getting back in touch when conditions allow.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

In the meantime, be safe with family & friends, and support our community’s efforts to do the same.

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