January 8th – learn about water underground, and in the creek

Groundwater Insights:
From the Nooksack River to Tenmile Creek

Jan 8 our Tenmile Clean Water Project meeting will feature a program with speaker Chuck Lindsey, certified Hydrogeologist with Associated Earth Sciences Inc . Logo full - Oct 2018 - 50% for site icon
For decades Chuck has been studying and explaining the ways that groundwater moves through the soil and rock of Whatcom county.   For this evening he will bring that experience and expertise for a casual presentation and discussion. You will find him a lively and engaging speaker who can clearly tell us what we want to know; this is not a ‘tech-talk‘!
6:30-8pm, at Bellewood Acres Farmstead.
Program at 7pm;
Q&A will follow.

Where does that water in your well actually come from? Could the same water also be flowing into the creek? Was it flowing from the creek just last summer? What does it mean that a well is drawing from ‘the aquifer’? What does it matter that your well is in the ‘Tenmile watershed’? How much do we really know about any of these questions?

Come and hear what we can learn about these and other questions, as our spring speaker program begins to examine issues with water supply in our watershed.

Looking ahead: We have confirmed speakers for our next two meetings,
in March & May, and we expect you will not want to miss these – plan now!

Next Up: March 11: 6:30-8pm, at Bellewood Acres Farmstead.
Program: John Mercer (Co-owner of Water System Services) and his business has supported both public & private drinking water systems in our county for decades. John will share some of what he has learned along the way with:
Rural Whatcom Water Systems: Lessons from 20 Years of Service. Q&A will follow.


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